School Council

The role of our School Council and Wellbeing Champions

Student Voice in our school has a dual role where students are able to impact on developing personal and social capabilities. Students are encouraged to collaborate with their class, each other and teachers. This builds respectful relationships, connections and a real sense of belonging to the school community.

School Councillors are voted in by their classmates each September. They take the dual role of School Councillor and Wellbeing Champion and meet four times a term:


Having a Voice

  • To discuss local community issues and fundraising plans
  • To engage in feedback and reflection


Having Choice

  • Learning to make their own choice
  • Choosing to be involved in the school community


Having Influence

  • Student voice influences actions or decisions at school
  • Understanding relationships
  • Informing decisions


Working Together

  • To make shared actions in all areas of school life
  • To build communication and collaboration


School Councillors feed back and share the information from School Council with their class and bring ideas from their classmates to the meetings.


School Councillors learn about their rights and responsibilities, to build a wider understanding of the articles in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as part of their role as RRSA (Rights Respecting Schools Award) student forum.


As Wellbeing Champions they promote wellbeing within the school. They learn who to seek help from, learn to have a voice, learn to be emotionally healthy, learn about emotions and share this information to their class and on the Wellbeing noticeboard.