Our School

Our Values

At Rachel Madocks School we aspire to be efficient and effective, delivering an exceptional education, enabling our pupils and students to strive to attain their potential and maximise their life opportunities. Our overarching aim is to be an outstanding school to which all pupils, students, parents, carers, staff and governors are proud to belong and where they feel




We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential and are fully committed to developing the whole child: their individual talents, skills, understanding, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

v  Working in partnership with families, staff and the wider community including outside professionals, to promote successful progression for the future where every child shows confidence and an eagerness to acquire new skills.

v  To provide pupils with an enjoyable, interactive and creative multi-sensory curriculum, enabling development at a pace that is appropriate to the individual learner through detailed assessment, tailored learning and experiences.

v  Our school ethos and curriculum reflects and supports the themes of Safety, Health, Enjoyment, Economic Well-Being, Safeguarding and Community Participation.

v  A school where all are valued and respected, prioritising wellbeing and mental health of all children, staff and families; promoting the positive image of the young people with whom it is connected.

v  To support this, we adopt teaching styles with high expectations meet individual needs, encourage independence, build confidence and self-advocacy at all times and where young people are.

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